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Blog 26.06.2024

Meet our Country Manager of Spain

At LEIAdmin, we value being close to our clients and fostering strong relationships. We are excited to introduce Õnne Tera, our dynamic Country Manager for Spain. Professional journey Õnne Tera... Read more

Blog 30.05.2024

Signet Bank partners with LEIAdmin to enhance LEI management

Established in 1991, Signet Bank is one of Latvia’s pioneering financial institutions. With a strategic focus on supporting local entrepreneurs and facilitating capital management, the bank has played a significant... Read more

Blog 28.05.2024

Meet our Product & Partnership Manager

At LEIAdmin, we prioritize effective leadership and strategic innovation. We are pleased to introduce Gregori Tartes, our Product and Partnership Manager. Professional journey Gregori Tartes began his journey at LEIAdmin... Read more

LEI 28.03.2023

Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation | GLEIF

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) is a non-profit organization that manages and administers the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) system. The LEI is a unique identifier assigned to legal entities that engage in financial transactions, such as corporations, partnerships, and government agencies. The primary goal of GLEIF is to ensure the accuracy and integrity of LEI data while facilitating the global adoption of the LEI system. Read more

LEI 02.03.2023

LEI Registration Agents

gents are companies approved by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) to assist with LEI registration and renewal on behalf of customers. The introduction of LEI Registration Agents by GLEIF aimed to enhance the LEI registration process's efficiency and foster healthy competition among service providers within the Global LEI System (GLEIS). Read more

LEI 23.02.2023

Streamlining KYC with Legal Entity Identifiers

LEIs are crucial to the KYC process as they allow financial institutions to verify the identity of businesses, which is essential to ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing financial crimes. LEIs also enhance transparency and traceability in financial transactions and streamline regulatory compliance, making the process more efficient and effective. Read more