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LEI management solution

LEIAdmin is a specialized solution designed to efficiently manage multiple Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs), catering to corporate clients. It simplifies the administration, renewal, and application processes for LEIs, enhancing the ease and efficiency with which organizations manage their LEI portfolios.

Provided by LEI Register, the leading LEI service provider worldwide, LEIAdmin offers customers high-quality service and custom management solutions.

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Signing up to LEIAdmin is free of charge and requires no separate cooperation agreement.

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  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of the LEIs you're managing.
  • Apply for or renew multiple LEIs simultaneously.
  • Complete payments for multiple LEIs at once using PayPal, Credit Card, or forma invoice.
  • Automate LEI renewal periods.
  • Receive LEI certificates for free—a service typically incurs a charge—available to those managing at least three LEIs.
  • Benefit from special pricing.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes that are required to obtain LEIs for regulatory compliance, such as financial institutions, corporations, investment firms, and trading entities, can benefit from LEI management services.

As an LEI manager, you can actively apply for, renew, and transfer LEIs on behalf of your clients, ensuring their LEIs remain active.

LEI managers maintain a thorough overview of client LEIs, tracking payment schedules, application progress, LEI statuses, required documents, invoices, and more.

Transfer and pricing

LEIAdmin is available at no charge. There are no fees for accessing or using our services or integrations. The only expense for you is the cost of an LEI registration or renewal.

We accept payments through credit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers.

Yes, you can transfer your current LEI portfolio to LEIAdmin. Our team is ready to help you move your LEI data to our platform, guaranteeing a seamless transition that won't interrupt your business activities.

Legal Entity Identifier

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a unique 20-character code created to improve transparency in financial transactions following the 2008 financial crisis. It identifies legal entities involved in financial dealings, aiding in risk management and compliance. LEIs are mandatory for various financial transactions, including derivatives trading, securities transactions, and other activities subject to regulatory reporting across jurisdictions adopting the LEI system. The Global LEI System is pivotal for entities in global financial markets, enhancing oversight and reducing financial fraud.

Typically, a new LEI is issued within 30 minutes to a few hours. However, in uncommon instances, the confirmation process may extend up to 24 hours. Delays beyond the usual timeframe can arise during the verification of parental (Level 2) data, which involves determining ownership relationships.

You can confirm an LEIs' validity through different company databases, LEI Lookup, and the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) Global LEI Index.

Yes, information on LEIs is available to the public through various databases. This openness ensures that details about legal entities engaged in financial activities are transparent and accessible, aiding in due diligence and fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements.

The renewal of LEIs is essential to ensure that the information linked to the legal entity remains current and accurate. As such, it is obligatory to renew LEIs annually to adhere to regulatory requirements and to reflect any changes in the entity's legal structure or ownership.

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