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What is LEIAdmin?

LEIAdmin is a legal entity identifier (LEI) management platform for retail and corporate customers who manage multiple LEIs. 

LEIAdmin is a service provided by LEI Register.

How do I register an account with LEIAdmin?

Step 1: Navigate to and fill in the required fields.
Step 2: Preselect your preferred currency for payments/invoices.
Step 3: After the initial registration a randomly generated password will be sent to your email, for safety purposes we strongly suggest changing it after the first login.

LEIAdmin is a service provided by LEI Register.

What are the benefits of using a LEI management tool?
  • Gaining a clear overview of the LEIs under your management.
  • Simplified operations (document upload, renewals, LOA download, etc.)
  • Apply for multiple LEIs at once (using our Bulk LEI Form).
  • Pay for multiple LEIs at once using PayPal, Credit Card or Pro-forma Invoice.
  • Apply or renew an LEI for 1/2/3/4/5 years at a time.
  • Free LEI Certificates – otherwise a paid service, that is complimentary for LEI management users (with a minimum of three LEIs)
  • Special pricing
Who is LEI management for?

LEI management is used by financial institutions like banks, funds, capital management services, etc.

As an LEI manager, you’re able to apply for, renew and transfer LEIs on behalf of your customers, and ensure that their LEIs are up to date.

LEI managers have a detailed overview of their customers LEIs (e.g. payment dates, application statuses, LEI status, required documents, invoices, etc).

What are the benefits of LEI referrals?
  • Earn hefty commissions by generating sales through referrals (comission percentage increases incrementally with multiyear registrations).
  • Have an overview of the previous invitees and see the total collectible amount on their account.
  • Receive monthly commissions (minimum of three successful referrals required for payout).
  • Recurring commissions – when your invitee renews their LEI in the following years, you will earn an additional 50% of the original commission.
  • Commission scheme
Who is referral management for?

Referral management is meant for individuals and businesses who’d like to earn commission for sales generated from their referrals.

Referral management partners are able to create a unique referral link or use an iFrame on
their website.

Integrations and forms of payments

Can I import LEIs from other service providers?

LEIAdmin supports importing LEIs from other service providers.

You are able to import LEIs individually to the platform or alternatively organize a bulk transfer by downloading an xls or csv sheet from your previous LEI provider and forwarding it to [email protected].

How much do you charge for services?

Negotiable deals are part of our everyday promise. Find our partner price-list here.

If you see better prices elsewhere, contact [email protected], and we’ll enthusiastically match the price of an identical competitors product.

What type of payment methods are available on LEIAdmin?

Our supported payment methods include credit card, paypal and pro-forma invoice.

Legal Entity Identifier

Why is an LEI needed?

A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code is required for financial transactions, such as trading stocks, bonds, or currencies.

LEIs are now required by firms to fulfil their reporting obligations under financial regulations and objectives. The code helps to match and aggregate market data for transparency and analyze threats to financial stability.

What is the average processing time for a new LEI?

The average time to receive a new LEI is between 30 minutes and a few hours.

On rare occasions the confirmation could take up to 24 hours. Extended validation time might occur with Level 2 data (“who owns whom”) authentication.

Where can I check the validity of my LEI number?

On the Global Legal Entity Foundation (GLEIF) database.

Is LEI data publicly available?

Anyone is able to access LEI data from the public, free-of-charge, Global Legal Entity Foundation (GLEIF) database.

Does each country have a distinct prefix for LEI numbers?

The Global Legal Entity Foundation is a supranational, not-for-profit organization and LEI codes are not tied to any specific countries.

LEI codes are valid worldwide regardless of the location of the Local Operating Unit (LOU) that issued their LEI.

Why do I have to renew my LEI code?

An LEI codes needs to be renewed annually. This system was created ensure high-quality and up to date data within the Global LEI System (GLEIS).

What happens if I do not have an LEI code or if it expires?

To fulfil reporting obligation, investment service providers need their legal entity customers to have an active Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code or refuse business with the customer.

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