Meet our Country Manager of Spain

At LEIAdmin, we value being close to our clients and fostering strong relationships. We are excited to introduce Õnne Tera, our dynamic Country Manager for Spain.

Professional journey

Õnne Tera joined LEIAdmin in 2021, bringing over a decade of experience in customer service roles. Her career began at the Danish Embassy, where she served as a Virtual Finance Specialist for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She joined LEIAdmin as a Customer Support Agent and quickly advanced to Vice-Team Leader. “I am proud of my journey from starting as a support agent to becoming the Country Manager. This role allows me to leverage my diverse background to foster stronger client relationships,” says Õnne. As the Country Manager of Spain, Õnne relocated to Barcelona to open a subsidiary for LEI Register, enhancing LEIAdmin’s local presence and credibility in Spain.

Country Manager of Spain

Relocating to Barcelona was essential for establishing a local presence due to bureaucratic requirements. Õnne aimed to build stronger relationships with Spanish clients, understand their unique needs, and provide tailored support. “Establishing a subsidiary in Spain has been challenging yet rewarding. It’s crucial to be close to our clients to truly understand and meet their needs,” Õnne notes. This move fostered trust and engagement with customers, driving growth and solidifying LEIAdmin’s position in the Spanish market. Her role involves outreach initiatives, participating in conferences, managing larger clients, and ensuring compliance and operational efficiency in Spain.

Professional dedication

Õnne’s international experience, linguistic skills, and cultural understanding make her a valuable asset. Fluent in four languages and having traveled to over 20 countries, she excels in client-facing roles, providing exceptional value through her profound insight into customer needs and effective communication. “Being able to communicate in multiple languages allows me to connect with clients on a deeper level, ensuring their satisfaction and trust,” she explains.

Life outside of work

Outside work, Õnne enjoys hiking, exploring quaint villages, and immersing herself in different cultures. “Exploring nature and different cultures keeps me grounded and reminds me of life’s simpler pleasures amidst professional endeavors,” says Õnne.

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