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LEIAdmin for banks

The perfect LEI management solution for banks

Making the process of registering and renewing LEI codes straightforward and directly available through your services significantly elevates your clients' experience.

LEI management

Beneficial for all involved

Maintaining active LEI codes is crucial for securing market access, facilitating financial transactions and adhering to legal requirements. Ensuring clients have up-to-date LEI codes has become a key component of compliance management.

Offering services for LEI registration and renewal, banks can efficiently meet regulatory demands and improve customer experience by simplifying a potentially intricate process.

Banks that streamline the acquisition and renewal of LEIs for their clients enhance their value proposition, deepen customer relationships, and foster loyalty.
Compliance with financial regulations is crucial for all. By making LEI management easier for your clients, you boost your reputation as a responsible and client-centric organization.
Providing LEI registration and renewal services opens up a clear and easy-to-handle avenue for generating extra revenue.

Trusted by banks worldwide

Tailored solutions for banks

LEIAdmin provides banks with trusted LEI management solutions, guaranteeing personalized services that cater precisely to each client's distinct needs. We offer a dependable, custom-tailored strategy for managing LEI codes effectively.

Case study insights
Signet Signet bank

Signet Bank partners with LEIAdmin for effortless LEI management, benefiting from swift service, dedicated client support, and cost savings across 300+ jurisdictions.

Why banks choose LEIAdmin?

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As the world's largest official Registration Agent, we offer unmatched experience.

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Advanced solutions designed to fit your unique needs and requirements.

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Leading the market with competitive LEI pricing and service speed.

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Hands on partnership manager and customer support, available every day of the week.

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Effortless onboarding to leverage automated processes and streamlined LEI management.

Testimonial quotes Our organization always puts the client first. We're dedicated to delivering outstanding service and making sure we meet our clients' needs with great care and commitment.

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