Partner pricing

LEIAdmin partners benefit from multiyear renewals and best value pricing

1 year

Regular annual registration

/ per year Total 45.00 EUR

3 years

Save 5.6% with multiyear plan

/ per year Total 127.50 EUR

5 years

Save 11.1% with multiyear plan

/ per year Total 200.00 EUR

No hidden costs

What does the LEI fee include?

Comprises all costs

Initial registration or renewal fee, as well as GLEIF charges.

Help through the process

Ongoing support for your LEI application from start to finish.

Unlimited support

Continuous assistance via phone or email for any queries.

Free updates to LEI details

Complimentary updates to your LEI reference details at any time.

Reach out

Seeking a custom pricing plan for large volumes?

Reach out to our sales team to explore options that align with your requirements. Kindly provide an estimate of your registration or transfer volumes for a more tailored approach.