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LEIAdmin for fintech

Enhance your client experience through convenient LEI management

Fintech companies enhance client satisfaction by seamlessly integrating the registration and renewal of LEIs, a vital compliance task, directly into their services.

LEI management

Beneficial for all involved

Keeping LEI codes active is essential for certain financial dealings and compliance with regulations. As a result, verifying that clients have up-to-date LEI codes is now a critical aspect of compliance responsibilities.

Offering LEI registration and renewal aids in fulfilling compliance requirements effectively while also improving client experience by making a potentially complicated process more straightforward.

By simplifying the process of obtaining and renewing LEIs for your clients, Fintech companies can enhance value proposition, strengthen relationships, and build loyalty.
Providing LEI registration and renewal services offers an opportunity for a new, low-maintenance income stream.
Adhering to financial regulations is essential for everyone. By simplifying LEI management for your clients, you enhance your standing as a reliable and customer-focused company.

Trusted by fintechs worldwide

Tailored solutions for fintech companies

LEIAdmin specializes in offering tailored solutions, ensuring a comprehensive match to your unique operational needs and regulatory requirements. Our approach is rooted in understanding the nuanced demands of fintech companies, from startup ventures to established players.

Case study insights
LHV logo LHV Bank

LHV Bank enables clients to conveniently register and renew LEI codes with just one click within its platform, facilitated by LEIAdmin’s API integration.

Why do fintech companies choose LEIAdmin?

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As the world's largest official Registration Agent, we offer unmatched experience.

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Advanced solutions designed to fit your unique needs and requirements.

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Leading the market with competitive LEI pricing and service speed.

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Hands on partnership manager and customer support, available every day of the week.

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Effortless onboarding to leverage automated processes and streamlined LEI management.

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