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LEI administration

Easily track the progress and status of each LEI application from registration to renewal, all within a single user-friendly platform.

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Manage LEI codes in one place

Smart portfolio management

Experience the ease of bulk LEI code registration, coupled with automated renewals, timely alerts, and seamless transfers for streamlined compliance.

Bulk registration and renewal

Simplify your LEI management with our efficient bulk registration and renewal solution.

Apply for hundreds of LEI codes at once with just the essential information.

Make a single payment for all your LEI registrations and renewals, eliminating multiple transactions.

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Automated LEI renewals

Ensure your LEIs remain up-to-date without the manual hassle. Our automation option guarantees no renewal is ever missed.

Embrace renewal automation to slash workload and enhance operational flow.

Ensure uninterrupted compliance at all times.

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Notifications and monitoring

Navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance effortlessly. Stay informed and in control, every step of the way.

Get real-time alerts on application statuses and easily provide any necessary additional information.

Never miss a renewal with proactive notifications, keep your LEI codes active and compliant.

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Transfer and import

Import your existing LEI portfolio to experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Manage LEI codes on a single, intuitive platform, making compliance straightforward and accessible.

Benefit from favourable LEI pricing complemented by a full-featured solution that addresses all your needs.

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Advanced solutions

Expand LEI management

Our advanced solutions are geared towards further streamlining operations. At the core of our strategy lies innovation; we actively create and adapt unique solutions tailored to address your needs.

Streamline your service offering with our API, which enables one-click LEI applications within your system. Our solution is engineered to integrate smoothly with your operations, providing a seamless experience for you and your customers.
Present our dependable services as your own, enriching your brand portfolio. Quickly launch the service to your clients, bypassing the cost and effort of in-house development.
Connect us with your network and earn rewards through our referral program. Receive monetary rewards for each successful referral. It’s a simple, transparent way to build a new revenue stream while endorsing trusted services.
Working together, we design and execute solutions that directly address your specific requirements.

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Smart and agile

Our commitment to excellence means constantly improving your LEI management experience. Enjoy features like automated renewals, multiyear plans, versatile payment options, and proactive monitoring.

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