Meet our Product & Partnership Manager

At LEIAdmin, we prioritize effective leadership and strategic innovation. We are pleased to introduce Gregori Tartes, our Product and Partnership Manager.

Professional journey

Gregori Tartes began his journey at LEIAdmin in 2019 as an intern. His proactive approach and ability to consistently deliver results distinguished him early on. Over the years, Gregori’s dedication and performance earned him various roles within the company, ultimately leading to his position as Product and Partnership Manager.

When Gregori first joined LEIAdmin, he was drawn to the company’s mission and dynamic environment. Starting as an intern, he quickly made a name for himself with his innovative ideas and strong work ethic. “I’ve always been passionate about solving complex problems and creating value for clients,” Gregori shares. His journey through different roles has given him a well-rounded perspective on the company’s operations and client needs.

Product management

As Product Manager, Gregori oversees the development and enhancement of LEIAdmin’s product offerings. His role involves ensuring that our solutions remain aligned with market demands and continue to meet high quality and functionality standards. “At LEIAdmin, our objective is to simplify LEI management for our clients through advanced technology and a user-centric approach,” Gregori states. He takes pride in seeing the tangible benefits our products bring to clients.

Partnership development

As Partnership Manager, Gregori focuses on expanding LEIAdmin’s network through strategic alliances. His expertise in identifying and fostering collaborations has been critical to our growth, enhancing our service offerings and expanding our reach. He values the relationships built with partners and the mutual benefits they bring.

Professional dedication

Gregori’s proactive approach and attention to industry trends contribute to LEIAdmin’s ongoing success. His leadership promotes a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the company.

Life outside work

Gregori is passionate about living life to the fullest. He loves traveling to new places, spending quality time with friends and family, and staying active at the gym. “Balancing work with personal interests keeps me motivated and inspired,” he says.

Connect with Gregori Tartes

Gregori Tartes plays a pivotal role at LEIAdmin, driving our mission to simplify LEI management and deliver quality service. To learn more about Gregori and connect with him, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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