How financial institutions benefit from LEIAdmin

Many financial institutions like banks, investment firms, asset managers, and financial advisors have benefitted from integrating the LEIAdmin solution into their services. Whether a part of client onboarding or sold as a separate product, managing LEIs on your customer's behalf brings value to both parties.

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) was introduced in 2018, and legal entities and financial institutions worldwide had to get on board fast. The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) initially introduced Local Operating Units (LOUs) – authorized organizations that issue LEI codes. But to further streamline the issuance of LEI codes, GLEIF brought Registration Agents into the system.

Since becoming an LOU or Registration Agent requires plenty of resources, obtaining an LEI was passed on to the clients. LEI Register – now the leading LEI Registration Agent in the world, noticed the market gap and started working on the first-ever LEI code platform in 2019. 

Today we offer tailored LEI management solutions for any financial service provider. 

Manual LEI management on behalf of clients

If you'd like to register, renew and manage LEIs on behalf of your customers, look no further! Register an account on LEIAdmin, navigate to “create/renew LEI” in the top menu bar, fill out the required fields, and add the application to your basket.

After payment, your LEI registration/renewal process will start automatically.

Bulk LEI management

If you have more than 10 LEI codes that require registration or renewal, use our Bulk LEI application form. This allows you to register or renew up to ten thousand LEI codes simultaneously.


The most advanced feature of LEI management is our unique LEI API integration. With API integration, your clients can apply for LEI codes in minutes and receive them at unprecedented speeds.

Referral link solution

Referral solutions can be set up by a direct referral link to one of the LEI Register's retail websites. The Referral link allows you to refer clients to the #1 LEI Registration Agent worldwide and earn up to 30% commission from each applicant. 

iFrame solution

The iFrame solution lets you embed an LEI registration form on your website. This way, clients won't have to leave your site to register for an LEI. Similar to the referral link, we'll pay a commission for each applicant.

Offer your customers professional LEI management service. Get started today.

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