The platform’s robust features and functionality provide you with the ability to manage all aspects of LEIs, from registration to renewal.

LEI administration

In an industry where compliance is ever-changing and complex, LEIAdmin offers partners the ability to submit data once and receive actionable workflows and tasks based on their specific needs.

  • User friendly LEI administration process
  • Data autofill and simplified forms
  • Analytics and reports
  • Excel upload
  • Automated renewals
  • Inbox user interface

    API integration

    Take your LEI management to the next level with our free API integration. Benefit from optimum registration speed, great prices and one-click applications.

  • Low-code integration
  • Detailed documentation
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Secure & reliable
  • API

    Referral program

    Earn up to 30% commission for every sale generated through a custom referral link or an iFrame.

  • Performance reports
  • Hefty commissions
  • Custom referral link
  • iFrame solution
  • Inbox user interface

    Excel upload

    Save time and money by uploading hundreds of LEI codes at once.

  • Free LEI transfers
  • Single authorization for multiple codes
  • One payment
  • Customer profile user interface

    Reports & Analytics

    Track your LEI registration performance, commission summary and issuance status.

  • Performance metrics
  • Earned commission summary
  • Third party analytics integrationsComing soon
  • Alerts and notificationsComing soon
  • Tailored reports & dashboard Coming soon
  • Inbox user interface