About LEI Admin

LEI Admin is an LEI sales platform by LEI Register for affiliates and registration partners. This network of partners can add value to their current and future customers by offering LEI service via LEI Register. We offer our service in 200+ countries and customer support in 35 countries. LEI Admin is not only a platform. We also support your efforts with customer service and marketing knowledge.

Please contact Gregori Tartes (Partnership Manager) to get more information about LEI Admin and its various affiliate solutions: [email protected]

LEI Register's purpose is to help entities apply for an LEI and renew their LEIs worldwide. We aim for simple, accurate, automated and affordable LEI issuance. LEI Register is part of RapidLEI (Ubisecure) partner network.



LEI Register was incorporated at the beginning of 2018 in Estonia, company details can be found from our LEI certificate.

LEIR Partnership Manager

“I believe, that great partnerships come from great communications, and that's why I have dedicated my job to making sure that every question and request gets our team’s finest attention and dedication. So if I can help you in any way possible, do not hesitate to contact me.”

Gregori Tartes
Partnership Manager

Contact me: [email protected]


“We focus on the human aspect, we have really smart, helpful people in our company to help guide customers through the process. We now operate across many countries where we provide localised offerings, for example helping customers in their own language.”

Toomas Pavelson

Contact me: [email protected]

LEIR Marketing and Sales Manager

“LEI is ultimately about trust, trust in who you are, trust in who you are dealing with. It’s important to us that our customers trust us. We establish that trust early on by making sure they can easily talk to us and always get a clear understanding of where they are in the LEI issuance process.”

Timo Vikson
Marketing and Sales Manager

Contact me: [email protected]

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